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Jakub Smrz tested in Albacete [23. 03. 2004]
Jakub Smrz tested the motorcycle Honda RS 250 in the race circuit Albacete in Spain and then he introduced his general partner the firm Akuna - the producer of natural medicaments.

Jakub Smrž:

"We had treated the firm Akuna in the past but we did not manage realise its entrée into Moto GP. All the more I am delighted at the occasion to bring the new Czech sponsor in the world motor racing just now. For this year we have the goal to be placed in pointed positions. I would like to achieve utmost the position in top ten because the hard competition this year. I appreciate very much the support and interest in mine and I hope the enthusiasm leads in considerably better results.

I am happy too that I am able to catch the Prague exposition in spite of hectic time for it fully ushers the competitors in the onset of the racing season. I had travelled all night to meet obligation. I passed the test in race circuit in Spain. During three days I drived 126 laps, that is good deal of the start after the winter pause. It is a pity one day was raining. I was riding the last year motorcycle withal I checked the setting of chassis. We had no information's about Albacete but race circuits in Spain they are similar in many features. I had to accustom the first day to sit on something going faster than Prague transport where I am studying. In short the winter lasted too long. We tested various setting of fork springs to modulate the motorcycle because it did not run on according my ideas. Till the next day we had worked over the gear box. However the wet course made more circuits impossible. Three day - I have ridden the same test dose as in the first day. The time has been considerably beguiled. I had no idea about time in Albacete riding 250 as well as I was not interested in it because it is not the WM circuit. Though I had good feeling of the developed characteristics during driving (side note: Jakub´s time in the unknown circuit was only half second worse as the record). We had optimally set the front end that we could recognise for the fore tyre was minimally bald. Rear suspension performed better however not yet according my requests. Now I am waiting for official IRTA tests in Barcelona and Jerez. We may manage the private test before the opening race 18. 4 in SAR, I can not speak strictly now. In any rate I ma agog." 

Next season again in Grand Prix [16. 12. 2003]
Jakub Smrz has been taken in Grand Prix class to the 250 cm, he has been the only Czech representative. In the last months had the hard bargain taken place and there were choosen the proven motorcycle Honda RS with A-Kitt and the proven out-of-lines at Dutch team Arie Molenaar Racing.

The MS Racig (deputizing agency) will brief You about details and about the guarantee´s name of the project in the next date. The offer from the Dutch team followed this year´s successful cooperation, when Jakub Smrz had scored world points for Arie Molenaar team in two races. 

Grand Prix 2003 [14. 11. 2003]
Jakub Smrz completed this year his third season as an official Grand Prix driver. This year's season brought Jakub a brand new experience in his career, when he was excluded from the team and pushed to search for a new engagement. That was also the reason for missing three races.

As well as last year, Jakub started the season in the class of 250 c.c. and again as a member of the Elit Grand Prix Racing Team. However, after the Portuguese Grand Prix he was involuntary forced to leave the team. Fortunately, he received an offer from the Dutch Dark Dog Molenaar Honda Team and completed at the end of the season another two races. Above that, he earned 2 points in the championship, when he finished 14-th on the Valencia-Circuit. For the Dutch team, those were the first and only points in this year's championship.

Currently, Jakub started his physical preparation for the 2004 season. He's working out, riding a bike and passing a motocross practice regularly. Besides the management-school study, Jakub is negotiating with several teams about his future career, which will hopefully continue in the Grand Prix Championship.

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